Hell Kitchen - Start August 06

27 July 2017

Premieres Sunday 06 August at 7.00pm on Seven.

Marco Pierre White is about to put his reputation on the line with a select group of celebrity apprentices as he opens Hell’s Kitchen, a professional restaurant with real customers and high expectations.

To the rest of the country they are celebrities, heroes in their respective fields. To Marco they are mounds of potential to be sculpted by his exacting standards. If they listen, if they trust his direction and judgment, they will survive Hell’s Kitchen and emerge as better cooks and better people.

Marco takes his work and his craft very seriously, on and off the camera. He is very hands on. This is what has made him one of the world’s great cooking maestros. He will not let his guests down, and if the celebrities earn his respect, he will defend them fiercely against the ill-informed, loose mannered complaints that may come from the restaurant floor.

Each night, when the restaurant doors open, Marco and his team go into battle together. Not everyone will survive. The ten celebrity contestants will compete first in teams of two and then individually until only one remains. The winner of Hell’s Kitchen will take home $50,000 for their nominated charity.

Hell’s Kitchen is an ITV Studios Australia production for Channel Seven.