The technical terms used by the television industry, manufacturers and stockists when talking about the switch to digital can be very confusing. This glossary is designed to help demystify the jargon.

If there are terms that you’d like explained, but they aren’t listed below, let us know!

Intuitive Recording
Digital recording devices (DVRs) that can receive the Freeview EPG will record shows based on a CRID (Content Reference Identifier) system. Under this system, every TV show that is broadcast has its own unique reference code.

When you record a TV show or TV series, the DVR will begin searching for the unique reference code for that particular program approximately five minutes before the advertised start time. It will continue this process until the TV show actually begins, at which point the DVR will start recording. The DVR will continue recording the program until the start of the following program, which will have a completely different unique reference code.

Currently, most devices record based on the advertised start and finish times of TV programs. The CRID system contained within the Freeview EPG is far superior because it ensures the accurate recording of TV shows and means that you will never miss the end of a recorded show again.
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