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FreeviewPlus is here!

A new era in television is here! For the first time FreeviewPlus gives you Catch Up services all in one place, on the TV. Now, there's a service that gives you more than ever before!

All you need is a FreeviewPlus certified receiver, good digital reception and a broadband connection and you're ready to go! Once you're connected just press the green button on the remote control to launch FreeviewPlus....


FreeviewPlus helps you find your favourite shows, BROWSE and SEARCH programs and movies, SET reminders, KEEP favourites and WATCH Catch Up TV when you want!

+ Press the GREEN button on your remote to launch FreeviewPlus.

+ Press the RED button on your remote to launch network content and services.

EPG Electronic Program Guide

Find out what's on Freeview over the next 7 days and go backwards to see what's available on Catch Up TV. FreeviewPlus lets you keep watching while you browse other channels and shows.

CATCH UP ON TV Catch up on TV when you want!

Now you can access all of the available Catch Up TV programs in one place on your TV. Go backwards in the program guide to find available Catch Up programs or go straight to the network's Catch Up service.

Browse & Search Browse & Search

Looking for a specific show or movie? Feel like comedy? BROWSE by genre or SEARCH by the program's title. FreeviewPlus makes it easy to find your favourite programs and discover new ones!

Browse & Search
Keep Favourites
Keep Favourites Keep Favourites

KEEP all your favourites listed in one place and access them with a simple press of a button. This way you'll know when your favourite show is on again and when it is about to expire in Catch Up.

We Recommend We Recommend...

Not sure what's on TV? "Featured" can help. It highlights the best of what's on today, in the next 7 days and on Catch Up TV. It's a great snapshot of the best of what's on across Freeview.

We Recommend
Set Reminders Set Reminders

If there's a program you don't want to miss, simply SET a reminder. FreeviewPlus will let you know when your program is about to start. That way, you won't miss a thing!

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